Creating Safe Spaces

for Healing with 

Youth of Color

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IGF Kids

Videos for kids by kids that teach breathing tools, mindfulness, movement, and music.

IGF Kids is a place for young children to learn how to calm their bodies during times of stress, frustration, and more. Each video features kids teaching kids breathing techniques. New videos each month with subscription plans for schools, organizations, and families.  

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Our Work

Workshops that foster change, performances that speak truth, space to heal from trauma.

Through the use of theater arts, written and spoken word, we foster youth voice and build trust and community between youth who have faced disparities and the institutions that have failed them.



"Irreducible Grace Foundation conducted a self-care workshop at my school, and their work left a lasting impact on students and staff. Every IGF member embodied pose, yet each person brought his/her own energy and knowledge. Breathing exercises, team building activities, and reflective moments gave us what we (students and staff) all needed, self-assurance and compassion for others. Students were heard; they walked away with their own poems and affirmations. I cannot thank IGF enough for their dedication and continuous work for youth and adults." 

Ms. Tika Jones, Saint Paul

Public Schools