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From Hurt to Healing

Fostering Voice the Book

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How do you move from hurt to healing? The murder of George Floyd and the Coronavirus had young people questioning and elders reflecting. It was the right time for an intergenerational conversation between elders from the EVERY BODY’S IN movement and the young adults from IRREDUCIBLE GRACE FOUNDATION.


This book is for all ages. Use it as an example of how you can engage yourself and others in intergenerational conversations and activities about the theme: From Hurt to Healing - How I got through hard times. You may choose to include the follow-up question: “How will WE get through hard times?” I hope you will find the stories inspiring and the breathing exercises stress-reducing.

Have fun with the activities. Please enjoy this activity book that was created out of respect and love for generations past, present and future.

Fostering Voice the book was inspired by conversations with youth from Irreducible Grace Foundation, reflecting on their previous experiences of vulnerabilty. 


All of the reflections are true, personal, and life changing. One thing that came through in the conversations is the need to "be heard" by their community.


This is a book that you can use to listen to the voices of youth who have overcome: being homeless, incarceration, abuse, neglect, child hunger, poverty, and lack of love and support. 


"I've Got Something to Say!"

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