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IGF Kids

IGF Kids are mindfulness, music, and breathing tool videos for kids by kids. Each video teaches children in grades

K - 5 how to use breathing as a way to calm themselves during times of anxiety or stress. In our animated videos real-life scenarios, such as friendship and distance learning, are used to show how breathing, mindfulness, movement, and music can be used to calm the body, recenter and refocus one's attention.  


As a subscriber, you'll have unlimited access to all video content for the length of your subscription!

Choose from family or school/community organization subscriptions! Have questions?

Reach out to our staff at ruth@irgrace.org or at 651-231-4167

Subscription Plans

  • Schools/Community

    Perfect for K - 5th grade schools & community organizations
    Valid for one year
    • Unlimited access to IGF Kids videos
    • Includes student flash cards and teacher poster sets
    • Mini-poster downloads for each Kids Tool
    • Teacher orientation video
    • Includes teacher, student, and family resource downloads
  • Family Plan

    Every month
    For families with kids in grades K - 5th!
    • Unlimited IGF Kids video access
    • Mini-poster download for each Kids Tool