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Workshops for
Healing & Change

Bring IGF to your organization and amplify youth voice, promote health and wellness through healing from trauma, and more!

Irreducible Grace Foundation workshops are designed to foster voice, building community, and teach participants self-care practices. 


Our workshops are youth-led, arts-based, and designed to create a safe space to help communities of color in their collective healing from trauma. Workshops and performances include audience participation, poetry, puppetry, and performance.


Our workshops are devised by young artists of color, who have experienced foster care, incarceration, homelessness, limited food resources, or are an ally to those with these experiences. Irreducible Grace Foundation was one of the first youth of color cohorts to receive focused 12-week of Mind-Body Medicine training, which they use in conjunction with their own personal healing journeys to develop healing and wellbeing workshops that can be brought to your community.

All IGF workshops can be delivered in-person or virtually.

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IFG Gold Team at Rondo Days
IGF Gold Team leading a workshop

Introduction to Health, Wellness, and Healing from Trauma

Fostering voice, building community, and learning self-care practices. Begin to understand how the body reacts to stress, learn breathing practices that can be used to reduce stress, and help the body begin to heal from trauma.

A young person draws a black person crying

Healing from Our Historical Trauma

What is historical trauma? How do people and communities experience it?  Learn about trauma throughout history and receive tools to heal.

Gold Team members posing on stage

BIPOC Youth Speak Out On Trauma And Healing

This workshop presented by youth of color on their own healing journey focuses on the intersection of racial equity, trauma-informed care, and youth voice. 


IGF youth facilitators who are trained in Mind-Body Medicine lead this interactive workshop using personal narratives and IGF created videos. This workshop will equip you with self-care practices to calm your body and provide you with simple and effective tools to share with students, staff, clients, and community.  

Gold Team members performing a workshop scene


Let IGF customize workshops for your organization. Our Artistic Team will work with you to create a workshop or series of workshops to meet your organization's goals!

Elementary students practicing breathing tools

Introduction to Healing for the Classroom

Resources and tips for students, teachers, and school staff to ‘retool’ escalating conflict and embed self-care practices into the classroom.

IGF Gold Team members wearing masks in front of a sign for Self Care Sundays

Self Care: The Gift of Resilience and Emotional Intelligence

Witness stories of resilience, engage in practices of self-care, wake up to the healing power of mindful body movement, nutrition, sleep, forgiveness, and artistic expression, and create a self-care plan.

Cover of From Hurt to Healing book with faces on it

From Hurt to Healing: An Intergenerational Coloring-Activity Book Workshop, for All Ages!

Facilitators will lead participants through interactive community-building activities while exploring the content of From Hurt to Healing: An intergenerational activity book created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and killing of George Floyd published by IGF in 2021. Participants will practice healing tools, read elder biographies, and begin to write their own stories as they learn how elders and young people are working together to bridge the gap between generations and collectively move from hurt to healing.

Each participant will receive a copy of From Hurt to Healing and crayons.

IGF Gold Team leading a workshop, members have their lands on each others shoulders

Limiting & Liberating Beliefs: The Power of Positive Affirmations

Reflect on personal beliefs and engage in activities to transform negative thoughts and cognitive distortions.

Gold Team members performing a scene with puppets

Fostering Voice and System Change with Adults

Focus on creating a safe-space for workshop participants to access and express their own voice for conversation, questions and create action steps as they learn about the issues young people face and continue to face on their path to adulthood.

Gold Team members stand in a circle with their arms bent and palms together

IGF Healing Circles: Self-Care Practice for Well Being and Empowerment

IGF Healing Circles are intimate and personal spaces where facilitators trained in Mind-Body Medicine lead healing tools in a community circle. With the goals of personal empowerment, community building, and healing from the inequities and historical trauma we face as a community youth facilitators and artists use poetry and spoken word to create a safe space for community voice. 


IGF Healing Circles grew from the need for healing as expressed by the group “Black Excellence” in Ramsey Country during the trial of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd. 

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