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FIG Times, February 2020

Hello Friends of IGF,

The year seems again to be speeding by, February is half complete! We have been so busy in just a month and half. IGF has had wonderful Self-Care Sundays focused on Finances, Arts, Community Building, Self-Love, and making of Self-Care Items. This coming Sunday we will mark Black History month with a conversation with Rep. Rena Moran and reflect on the process of legislation to positively impact lives.

Our workshop team has been doing AMAZING work with 4th and 5th grade students, young women in a group home, and with youth and staff at Ampersand! In just a little over a month they have conducted 30+ hours of healing work!!

In the newness of this year we just recently welcomed new student volunteers from our partner Bethel University, Shavonnah, a Jr. Level Social Work Student, Caroline, Seera, Summer, and Jocelyn all Service-Learning Students. This crew will help with Self-Care Sundays and support the workshop team during rehearsals.

IGF has some exciting and fun fundraisers coming up, so mark your calendars and join us!

Mind-Body Medicine Workshop and Fundraiser

The SweatShop Presents "Mind-Body Medicine Workshop: A Fundraiser for Irreducible Grace Foundation" at 10:00A.M. on Saturday, February 22, 2020. Join us as our workshop team leads you through Mind-Body Medicine Techniques you can use in your daily life to reduce stress, anxiety, and help heal from trauma. Learn more at

Irreducible Grace Foundation Wild Feast Dinner Fundraiser

Irreducible Grace Foundation recently won the opportunity to host a Sitka Salmon Shares Wild Feast Dinner. IGF will host a small, private four-course dinner party lead by Sitka Salmon Shares culinary team with 100% of the proceeds directly going to IGF. Due to the size of this event, tickets are by invitation only.

Sitka Salmon Shares is a community supported fishery based in Sitka, Alaska. Dr. Fry and Tara have been Sitka members for many years and receive fresh Alaskan seafood delivered to their doorstep. Visit Sitka's website to learn more

Thank you all so much for your support, love and positive thoughts for IGF.

- Dr. Darlene Fry

IFG Participants Learn About Self-Love

By: Justin Haughton

To kick off the month of February, the IGF youth and young adult community had the privilege of gathering with Camphor’s own Reverend Dr. Ronald Bell, Jr. and his wife Dr. Eboni Bell, who took time out of their day to talk about relationships and models of success with the IGF young people.

Reverend Bell put forth a message that seemed to resonate with all of the young people in attendance, when he stated that we ought to think of ourselves as a business that is worth our lifetime earnings. If any action is going to hinder or destroy that business and lifetime earning potential, then that course (of life) cannot be taken. In essence, through his own life example, of overcoming experiences of poor decision-making as a teen, Rev. Bell showed the community of IGF one option of how to prioritize their decisions in both a positive and successful manner.

It was truly a privilege and honor to be in the company of Mr. and Mrs. Bell and the IGF community has taken their advice seriously as they look to continue on their journey of growth.

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