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A Message to Our IGF Community



Friends of IGF,

Thank you for the many calls and text messages checking in on us and our young people this week. We are all emotionally rocked by the killing of Mr. Floyd because of a potentially fake $20 bill. Our young people are trying their best to use the mindfulness tools that they have been trained to utilize when trauma triggered. It has been hard to say the least, and they have been trying to show up for others around them. We remain focused on the healing liberation of youth of color in our community. We will provide support where we can, when we can.


We ask that you, as our concerned friends, stay vigilant and root out racism, discrimination, and oppression whenever you encounter or witness it. Have conversations in your circles about how to value Black lives. We need justice and peace, now more than ever. Keep the Floyd family in your long-term prayers, as justice will not be swift enough, nor will it bring back their George.


Keep striving for racial equality,

Dr. D.

The Council for Black Male Success

One Village. One Goal. One Destiny.

For Immediate Release -May 29, 2020 – Saint Paul, MN – Council for Black Male Success, Issued the following Statement, A Call to OUR Community.

The physical destruction of our communities must end. Looting and burning our communities only advances the goals of the systems that want to keep us down. The loss of many of these businesses will cripple our neighborhoods leaving our elders and children without access to food, medicine, and other needs for months.


The killing of Mr. George Floyd at the knee of former Minneapolis officer, Derek Chauvin, while three others watched is cause for rage, sorrow, grief, and righteous actions. This killing is the legacy of 400 years of slavery in this country, a legacy not challenged by those who inflicted cruelty on the enslaved. As a Black community it isn’t our job, nor our responsibility to hand hold and teach others how to honor our humanity. As the Black community we ought to honor and hold space for the Floyd family and others as they come to our state to grieve and seek justice.

We must rise in our pain, to make sure that breaking the chokeholds that are around the necks of the Black community, is the focus. We must not let the leaders and systems, have an excuse for not gaining justice for Mr. Floyd, his family, and our community. 


Rage and peace cannot live together in people, nor in communities. We as Black Minnesotans must have justice, peace, and empowerment. We must have a far-reaching game plan for our economic, mental, and physical emancipation from the plantation of our current status in this state.


The Council for Black Male Success asks that you join us in seeking from our county, city, and state, justice for Mr. George Floyd and all Black Minnesotans. We must engage in collective healing and advancement “For Our Community, By Our Community”.


In Peace and Power,

The Council for Black Male Success


1360 University Ave. W. Suite 135, Saint Paul, MN 55104


Council for Black Male Success Members:

Above the EDGE, Aurora St. Anthony Neighborhood Development Corp., Bolder Options, Change Inc., Every Body’s In, High School for the Recording Arts, Irreducible Grace Foundation, Literacy Minnesota, Mentoring Young Adults, Past Athletes Concerned About Education, Sanneh Foundation, Soul Touch Productions, The JK Movement, YWCA St. Paul, Ujamaa Place

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