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Fostering voice, community building, and a sampling of all other topics.
Understand how bodies reacts to stress, and learn a variety breathing practices.
Reflect on personal beliefs and engage in activities to transform negative thoughts and cognitive distortions.
What is historical trauma? Learn about trauma throughout history and receive tools to heal.
Witness stories of resilience, engage in practices of self-care, wake up to the healing power the body.
Resources & tips for students & teachers to ‘retool’ escalating conflict and embed self care into the classroom.
A theatrical introduction to the issues our young people face and continue to face on their path to adulthood.
Type of performance/workshop you are interested in. Please note we can combine any of the topics below to create a workshop to meet your needs.
Activities that allow youth and future law enforcement officers to develop trust in one another.  
What are the demographics of your audience?


Our workshop fees provide stipends for our workshop team members. This group of young people develop our workshops using elements of their lived experiences.  The time and effort committed to workshop creation takes our team members away from other wage earning opportunities. We are willing to work with organizations with limited budgets as much as possible, but if you have the resources, keep our young people in mind.

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