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Bring IGF into your home, classroom, community space and more with our IGF video series

IGF Kids

IGF Kids are mindfulness and breathing tool videos for kids by kids. Each video teaches children in grades K - 5 how to use breathing as a way to calm themselves during times of anxiety or stress. Choose from family or school/community organization subscriptions. New videos added each month!

Finding the Pause

Irreducible Grace Foundation (IGF) has created new ways to connect with our community. In our Finding the Pause videos our trained young people lead mind-body medicine practices to help adults calm, recenter, and refocus their mind and body as they move through their daily life.   

Visit our YouTube page to access all nine Finding the Pause videos at no charge. 

Finding the Pause

Video Series 

Episode 1: Power Huh

Episode 2: The Healing Power of Drumming

Episode 3: Praying Hands

Episode 4: Humming

Episode 5: Five Senses Grounding Technique

Episode 6: Soft Belly Breathing

Episode 7: Singing

Episode 8: Shaking

Episode 9:  Four by Four Breathing