Fostering Voice Workshops

Fostering Voice is a theatrical introduction to the issues our vulnerable youth have and continue to face on their path to adulthood. The artists are 18-23 years old and have experienced foster care, incarceration, homelessness, food in-security or who are an ally to those who have had these experiences. The program includes an original performance, as well as a workshop led by youth artists that involves the audience and creates a safe space for conversation, questions, and action steps.

We offer Fostering Voice workshops for both youth, as well as adults who work in agencies, institutions and other organizations that impact young people.

Workshops for youth focus on supporting youth to find and then use their voice to empower and affect change.

In workshops for adults, young artist-facilitators share our lived experiences with those in power to affect a change for our community and create system change.

Stories that were told from the heart made every single professional in the room to rethink their own purpose and mission for work we do. The performance made us all reexamine our system. We have to make systematic and sustainable changes.
— Kate Probate, Ramsey County

Other Workshops and Performances

We are working on developing new workshops and performances for youth and adults. If there is a topic you are interested in, please get in touch.