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Available Workshops!

Fostering voice workshops:

are designed to create a safe space and to foster youth voice and system change with adults.  Fostering Voice, the workshop is focused primarily on creating a safe space with workshop participants so they can access and express their own voice.  The workshop is designed in 5 sections, adapted to the needs of each group we serve.

Fostering Health and Wellbeing workshops

Youth and young adults from Irreducible Grace Foundation were involved, during (2016-17) for over 12 weeks in mind-body healing training, funded by a Catalyst Seed Grant from the George Family Foundation. As one of the first youth of color cohorts to receive this focused work, their goal was to share their learning and experiences with their community. This entirely youth led, arts based, workshop series includes audience participation, poetry, puppetry and performances focused on topics such as: symptoms of stress, the biology of breath, identifying triggershealing from trauma, practicing resilience, breathing techniques and self-care!

Handcuffs to Handshakes:

was designed by youth and young adults of color and a Ramsey County Deputy to build a more positive relationship between Law Enforcement and the community in the wake of shooting deaths by and against law enforcement officers.

Workshops will include activities:

  • That allows youth and future law enforcement officers to see each other’ humanity.

  • Share stories to develop trust in one another.   Brainstorm potential methods to increase the trust level of each group that can be extended into the larger community.

5 pack healing series

Five Three Hours workshops:  ( "Our Five Pack”)

1. An  Introduction  to Health & Wellness: Healing from Trauma:

Fostering Voice Building Community

2. The Biology of Stress, The Power Of Breath Identifying Triggers, 

Theatre activities. Puppets show, interactive role-play

3.  Limiting and Liberating Beliefs: Cognitive Distortions/ Positive Affirmations

4. Transforming our Historical Trauma: What is historical trauma? How do people and communities experience it? And how to heal?

5.  The Gift of Resilience and Emotional Intelligence: Steps to self-care & Finding Balance; Symptoms of Stress and Practices of self-care. Everyone leaves with a self-care plan! 

Other Performances

Fostering Voice The Play!- More info coming soon

Self Care Play- More info coming soon

Stories that were told from the heart made every single professional in the room to rethink their own purpose and mission for work we do. The performance made us all reexamine our system. We have to make systematic and sustainable changes.
— Kate Probate, Ramsey County


IGF believes that the voices of young people who are impacted by systems need to be a part of shaping those systems.

IGF youth members and staff are available for consultation with your agency, organization or group. In the past, IGF youth-adult teams have reviewed grants, designed and delivered trainings and provided other custom services for a variety of partner-clients. 

Contact us to discuss how we help you be more inclusive of youth voice in your projects, programs and decision-making.

Youth voice has been lacking in the problem solving process around complex issues of disparities. As we look to create long-term effective changes and practices around inequalities, this missing link, “youth voice”, has to have an active role in the process.
— IGF Partner