Irreducible Grace Foundation works hand-in-hand with young people, especially youth of color, to design programs that meet your needs. We understand the importance of tailoring programming to the needs identified by youth themselves. 

Youth Leadership Development

Youth voice and involvement is vital to Irreducible Grace. Irreducible Grace actively works with young adults and provides paid work and learning opportunities that support and develop lifelong leadership skills. Youth and young adults work alongside adults to design and facilitate all of our programs. 

"IGF is a place to learn ways that work for us as young adults. To find the best ways to live independently in a positive manner. Then, to teach those skills to the generation behind as we walk with them through it." - Cody


Life Skills for Youth

Becoming a successful adult is about more than graduating high school and obtaining employment, it involves having the skills necessary to take care of one's self both physically and mentally. It also involves independent living skills, such as finding stable housing, being financial responsible, and learning how to cook nutritious meals for oneself, as well as the support of a community around you. 

To help youth gain these valuable skills Irreducible Grace meets twice a month to provide culturally based life skills, mentorship, and support. Youth and adult-facilitated gatherings and workshops create a safe space community for youth to share and reflect on life struggles & successes, and provide healing practices for youth to overcome life challenges instead of being reduced by them.

Our IGF Sunday Events are one of the entry points into IGF for youth. These gatherings include workshops on life skills special topics, as well as art-making, community-building activities, and a meal.


We also host Special Workshops based on topics that youth identify the need and want to know more about and create change around, including healing, policing, and more. These workshops are available to youth who are involved in IGF.