Fostering Voice the book

Featuring original poems and narrative, as well as pictures and writing prompts, the Fostering Voice book was created by IGF young people as a way to be heard.

In the words of the editor, Anika Bowie: This is a book that you can use to listen to the voices of youth who have overcome homelessness, incarceration, abuse, neglect, child hunger, and lack of love and support.

The book follows the sequence of the Fostering Voice workshop, including chapters on fostering trust, community, voice, hope and action. 

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Fostering Voice the video

An extension of the Irreducible Grace Foundation’s engaging performance-based workshops, the Fostering Voice Video share youth voice to shape the understanding of their life challenges.

Fostering Voice: The Video,” encourages reflection on social responsibility, systemic racial inequality, and traumatic resiliency through the lens of young adults. The artistic mediums of music, poetry, dance, and theater provoke consideration of disenfranchise youth and ways community can support under-resourced young people on their path to a stable life.

Watch the full video here.